Monday, March 26, 2012

My Games WOD 12.5 recovery

Well, the Crossfit Games Open 2012 is over.  Finally.  

Those of you who aren't crossfitters, or who just might not have been participating in the games, listen up - these recovery stretches and exercises can still be relevant for you, too.

The last 2 workouts of the games have actually used a good bit of the same movements...squats and pressing weight overhead.  As such, a lot of my recovery stretches and movements are going to be the same as the ones I posted last week.  I'm adding just a couple stretches and a mobility activity.

So, then, I'm doing what I can to keep my quads, glutes and calves happy.  I'm doing the upper traps stretches because of the overhead press portion of thrusters.

But in addition, because we had chest to bar pull ups this week, I'm adding some lat stretching to my list.  There's this one, but then I also really like this one.  Funny, looks like yoga, doesn't it?  So...maybe consider some yoga for your recovery?  With that second one, I also like to freestyle around a little bit with angling my torso to hit different fibers of the lats.

Here's the biggest addition, for my personal recovery from this workout, and apparently I'm not alone:
I've also talked with a couple of my CFSQ colleagues who are in the same boat I've been in with a wrist that's been grumpy since week 2's snatches.  Stretching the forearms with praying hands and inverted praying hands (back of the hands together), is a nice start, but I feel like the pressure can just further jam up my wrist.  I feel like what I need is some traction, and mobility to help create more space in between those carpal bones.  I like Mario's wrist mobility drill of isolating a plane and pushing the wrist in a single direction, trying to keep the hand still.  But in addition to that, I also like what this guy's got going on, because it incorporates traction, along with the mobility.

Hope those are some ideas that help you out this week, and into your future workouts, too!