Friday, June 29, 2012

The "other side" of massage therapy

No, I don't mean the "happy ending" other side of massage therapy.  I mean the "E-word."  Energy.  I don't often talk too much about the energetic component of massage and bodywork.  Not because I don't believe it's there.  Not because I want to deny it.  Not because I am afraid it will scare potential clients off.  I don't really talk about it a lot because I prefer to focus on the components that have some evidence to support it (even if it's merely empirical observation, and not a completely scientific study).  Then, even if I can't educate a client on what IS happening, I can at least share the widely shared hypothesis of the physiological effects of the technique (though in some cases there are multiple widely shared hypotheses).

But last week, I had an experience with a client that made me think about the energetic aspect of massage and body work.  It is a widely accepted "fact" that emotional memories can be bound up in muscles.  (Here,