Sunday, July 22, 2012

Active's not just for recovery any more. It's for everyone!

I know that I've mentioned before how important it is to take recovery days to give muscles and other soft tissue the opportunity to flush out waste, to bring in new nutrients and to repair themselves.  Articles with titles like this one might lead you to think that you've finally found an excuse for being a couch potato or for skipping the gym or yoga studio 6 days out of the week.  But look more closely, and it's clear that it's about destressing yourself, and allowing recovery time, physically and mentally.  And, a simple google search for "sedentary muscle imbalance" yields all kinds of results, addressing issues from muscle pain, postural issues to sciatica.  So, perhaps being a couch potato isn't all that healthy.  (If you already exercise on a regular basis, this post has something to do with you, too, so don't stop reading now.)