Tuesday, August 28, 2012

External rotation and the rack position

Here's my second entry aimed at improving your mobility in this CFSQ Olympic liftng cycle.  First we addressed improving the bottom of the squat.  Since not everyone is working the overhead portion of the snatch, I am going to save that for down the road a bit, and we will look at improving the range of motion in the shoulder and elbow in order to easily get into the rack position.  As we are all learning, these Olympic lifts are highly technical and even the smallest deviation from ideal movement and positioning can have pretty significant effects on your ability to increase your maxes.  Even without looking at maxes, these lifts have a tendency to uncover even the tiniest deviations in our mobility.
So the next one I want to look at is the shoulder (and elbow, to a lesser extent) in the rack position.  For many of us, there is the issue of mobility in the shoulder - specifically in the rotator cuff.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Oly lifting massage & stretching packages

As a complement to my little blog series about improving your mobility for these Olympic lifts, I am offering a series of 30 minute massage sessions aimed at releasing trigger points and adhesions, as well as assisted stretching to improve the flexibility of the muscles of the ankle or shoulders which are giving you the most trouble.

This series is designed to be efficient in terms of both time and money and will require some assessment in the gym beforehand so that the time in session is used wisely.  The cost is $100 for 4 sessions.  Reach me by phone or email to get started with it.  Or, you can always just catch me in the gym!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Improve the bottom of that squat

At Crossfit on the Square, we are embarking upon a 6-week Olympic lifting cycle, focusing on the clean, clean and jerk and the snatch, and I've discovered some lacking mobility in myself, so I've been inspired.  I'm about to start a brief series of entries aimed at addressing mobility issues that can hinder Olympic lifting movements - but nearly everyone could improve their mobility in these few specific areas, and I will try to offer some insight of the areas these might help you outside of these lifts.  So read on...

First, I'll start with the mobility issues in the bottom of a full squat, which is the "catching" position for the full clean and full snatch movements.  Many of us (myself, included), can get away with air squats, front squats or even back squatting with sub-optimal mobility in the ankles, because the position off the weight counterbalances us as we lean our weight back into our heels.  But in the overhead position, that weight also sits further back toward the heels, and can no longer counterbalance an artificial lean into the heels.  For those of us who need the weight to counterbalance us, this means that we cannot get to the bottom of the squat properly.  In order to recenter the weight, the knees need to come further forward in order to bring the trunk forward and get the bar over the feet again.  Poor ankle mobility can prevent the knees from getting further forward.