Monday, September 3, 2012

Elbows forward!

In the last entry, I mentioned the importance of external rotation for your rack position.  All the external rotation in the world is only going to be a part of the equation.  If you are having trouble getting your elbows forward in the receiving position for the clean, that's another problem altogether and might require more focus on the triceps and lats.

Triceps cross both the shoulder and the elbow, so when length is needed from that muscle at both of those joints, we can uncover sub-optimal flexibility.
 The lats provide some assistance in internal rotation of the shoulder, and they definitely perform flexion of the shoulder (pulling it down by the side).  Restriction in either of these muscles can inhibit your ability to get your elbow forward in the rack position.

In massage and other types of body work, we have techniques that recruit and effect the neurology muscles.  You can do that in your own stretches, too.  To that same end, try moving into these stretch positions with your own power, before adding the tension from the band.  This will effect the neurology and will enhance the improvements from the stretches, noticeably:

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