Monday, February 25, 2013

Ankle mobility

I'm kind of going to cheat with this post, as I'm mostly re-posting someone else's work.  But it just works, so why should I tinker with what he's done?

This article, written by Jeff Kuhland discusses screening your own ankles for range of motion, and specific stretches and exercises to do to improve or restore your mobility, and is a nice companion to a couple entries I've written

The first one being "Solid Foundations," addressing how high heels will mess with your ankles, and then all the way up the line to the shoulders, neck and head.

The other entry I've written is "Improve the bottom of that squat," which addresses the range of motion available at the bottom of a squat, and how that can effect performance in not only the squat, but the receiving positions of the Olympic lifts.

Read my entries and understand why you may be missing range of motion, and why you might need range of motion, then read Jeff's and learn how to restore that range of motion.