Friday, May 17, 2013

Self perpetuation and reciprocity

I was about 55 minutes into a 60 minute massage the other day when my client mentioned that I must be so tired after massages, not just physically, but energetically.  She said it felt like I had given so much of my energy that she felt stronger, internally, than when we started.  The funny thing is that, while she thought I must be drained, I was actually feeling energized because I knew she was enjoying and benefiting from the work.  She couldn't have been more delightfully wrong!

We had a conversation about how there can be a reciprocity in actions, intentions, energy, and so on. We talked about how this doesn't always need two people, but that there are opportunities to do this every day.  You can literally stop and smell the flowers. My wife does this routinely and every single time she does it, I admire that she's taking a moment to reconnect with all the beautiful things in the world, and it reminds me to do the same. Just 15 minutes ago, I paused and smelled the amazing roses in the parking lot outside the DeKalb Farmers Market. I thought it was amazing that I didn't see anyone else doing the same. They smelled so great! When we manage to find the strength, the happiness, the compassion in ourselves, and share that with the world around us, it will get reflected right back. You might consider that the self-perpetuation of your inner strength. What are you choosing to put out there, so it reflects back at you? Are you stopping to smell the roses? Next time you pass the floral department, or a nice flower bed, stop and smell them-especially if you are with other people-and then observe your reaction and the reaction of people around. I'd wager you'll see smiles.