Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just say "No" to gluteal amnesia

Gluteal Amnesia.  Yup, it's a thing.  Sure, it's not strictly the most technical term ever used, but it is very, very real.  Your glutes may have forgotten how to contract and function properly.  The fact is that many of us spend a lot of our time sitting on our glutes, keeping them partially stretched while we mash the layers of muscles together.  This takes it tough for them to get unstuck from one another, and since they stay somewhat lengthened for long stretches, they can wind up neurologically inhibited, too.  And getting the glutes to fire isn’t exactly like riding a bike…you don’t just hop back on and get going again.  In fact, training (or retraining) neuropathways and movement patterns always takes some time.  Keeping them active and efficient is a good deal easier.  You may be thinking that if you can stand up and walk up and down stairs you are A-OK.  You might even be thinking "Hey, I can squat plenty more than enough, how could my glutes not be working right?"  But the body is remarkable and will figure out how to get you through your squats, even inefficiently.