Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The day has finally come!

Many of you probably already know that we have been working hard on getting a new office space set up, so that Square Massage will officially have a home.  Well, that day has finally arrived, my friends!

I am excited to announce that Square Massage now has a permanent home inside the new CrossFit on the Square location, near Marietta Square!  This space will provide a great environment that’s conveniently located (especially for CFSQ members) just off of the North 120 Loop.

CrossFit on the Square has also warmly opened up their space for me to work with personal training and corrective exercise clients.  This means that there is the opportunity for fluid movement from rigorous workouts, through corrective exercises and mobility work, right onto the table for massage or active recovery sessions.  All with plenty of qualified professionals around to help you perform optimally and with minimal injury.

Let’s not forget a huge congratulations to Mario and Ivy at CrossFit on the Square for their new space, and thank you for being so supportive and for sharing my vision with me.  This is a very exciting opportunity for me, and I hope to share the benefits with many!  

Call or email me to book an appointment and check out the new space (404-425-9593 Eric@SquareMassage.com).  Then, stay tuned for more updates on additional items to help make booking appointments even easier!

The new address is:
305 Cherokee St.

Marietta, GA 30060