Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Are your training partners helping you?

At Atlanta School of Massage, and in all of our programs, we believe in creating a safe space for supportive teaching and learning.  We have formalized this expectation for our personal training clients in a dimension we call “Spirit of Learning.”  Each individual may contribute to the learning environment in their own way, so we kept it simple; students either detract from the learning environment, they remain neutral, neither adding or subtracting, or they support the learning environment.  Very simple.  We encourage all of the students to contribute in their own way, and when opportunities arise, but we don’t tell them how they have to do so. We believe that this kind of environment allows for better learning, and greater personal growth, and I believe that it transfers to gym, and to life.
I saw this post the other day on Catalyst Athletics’ blog, and it reminded me of our Spirit of Learning dimension, and it also reminded me of my experiences in the gym. We have some amazingly supportive people in our gym - great teammates. People who encourage me to push my limits and my boundaries, but don't force me to push them. People who want to see me succeed on each new lift, each rep, while understand that pushing for that next rep may mean failure, and that making the attempt is where the real growth lives.
I love my gym family. Our team. I think that our team, and every teammate's willingness to not only push, but respect, my limits, is what sets our gym apart. Are you, are your training partners, good teammates?

This blog is similar to an entry I wrote for ASM Wellness, both inspired by that Catalyst Athletics Article.