Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fitness for real life

I didn't start exercising because I wanted to look hot. I didn't start because I wanted to run a marathon, or because my doctor said I had to. I started in order to be healthy, and the idea of exercising for vanity so doesn't suit me. I'm a happily married man, I don't need to be body builder to meet "broads.". There's just no need for that in my world.

But I will admit that I don't just exercise to be healthy, anymore. At least, not strictly only for that.
I also exercise to be fit and strong enough to be prepared for the crap life throws at me, like last night.  This is no over-the-top story of heroism, but something more mundane, yet in the past 18 hours I've been constantly thankful for my and my wife's general fitness.

In last week's awful snow-traffic-tastrophe in Atlanta, my wife tried to wait out the traffic, thinking that it would die down after the initial rush. Unfortunately, things weren't so great, and she found herself on what was supposed to be a street, but was more like an icy parking lot. So she decided not to press her luck any longer, and pulled off the road.  She was able to park safely, and was only 4.5 miles from home, but not entirely in her snow clothes.  So, I drove as far as I safely could, knowing that I could still drive back home, and then I grabbed some hand warmers and a space blanket, and ran to her. Two and a half miles. In the snowy and icy conditions. I'm not trying to make myself out to be a superman, claiming to have achieved some superhuman feat with this run. Anyone of average general health can get themselves to this fitness level, with a little effort and consistency.

She was waking to me, but I wanted to get to her as quickly as I could to get her some more warm stuff, and to keep her company on her walk.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am that she is healthy and fit enough to make that walk and that I'm healthy and fit enough to make that run to her, to get the right cold weather equipment to her, and to keep her company on that walk.  That's why she and I train: for the things in life that throw you curveballs.

If you're not exercising and moving then consider this: you could are still be to be less capable of helping yourself in life's trying situations.  So, I ask: What are you exercising, or training, for?